Mode Recovery sur Jolla-C / Sailfish OS

Cela passe rapidement en Recovery mode :

RECOVERY: Connect USB cable and open telnet adresse

En GNU/Linux, il suffit d'ouvrir un terminal et saisir telnet :

     Jolla Recovery v2.0
Welcome to the recovery tool!
The available options are:
1) Reset device to factory state
2) Reboot device
3) Shell
4) Perform file system check
5) Run sshd
6) Exit
Type the number of the desired action and press [Enter]:

Si 1 est choisi :

ALL DATA WILL BE ERASED! Clears everything from the device and reverts the
software back to factory state. This means LOSING EVERYTHING you have added to
the device (e.g. updates, apps, accounts, contacts, photos and other media).
Are you really SURE? [y/N] y
  2 logical volume(s) in volume group "sailfish" now active
Fri Jul 14 15:37:08 UTC 2023

Type your devicelock code and press [ENTER] key:
(please note that the typed numbers won't be shown for security reasons)

Il faut donc entrer le code de sécurité (normalement d'au moins cinq chiffres)

[OK] Code accepted.
  0 logical volume(s) in volume group "sailfish" now active
sh: /sys/class/block/mmcblk0p10: unknown operand
sh: /sys/class/block/mmcblk0p10: unknown operand
  0 logical volume(s) in volume group "sailfish" now active
  Logical volume "root" successfully removed
  Logical volume "home" successfully removed
  Volume group "sailfish" successfully removed
  Labels on physical volume "/dev/mmcblk0p28" successfully wiped.
  Physical volume "/dev/mmcblk0p28" successfully created.
  Volume group "sailfish" successfully created
  Logical volume "root" created.
  Logical volume "home" created.

Cela reste silencieux durant de longues minutes. Par après :

resize2fs 1.46.5 (30-Dec-2021)
Resizing the filesystem on /dev/sailfish/root to 640000 (4k) blocks.
The filesystem on /dev/sailfish/root is now 640000 (4k) blocks long.

resize2fs 1.46.5 (30-Dec-2021)
Resizing the filesystem on /dev/sailfish/home to 2749440 (4k) blocks.
The filesystem on /dev/sailfish/home is now 2749440 (4k) blocks long.

/var/lib/platform-updates/ ...
Flashing to mmcblk0p4
176+1 records in
176+1 records out
724135 bytes (724 kB) copied, 0.171903 s, 4.2 MB/s
/var/lib/platform-updates/ ...
Flashing to mmcblk0p20
2688+0 records in
2688+0 records out
11010048 bytes (11 MB) copied, 2.7207 s, 4.0 MB/s
/var/lib/platform-updates/ ...
Flashing to mmcblk0p1
Uncompressing '/boot/NON-HLOS.bin.gz' to '/tmp/tmp.AUOvoYE523'..
12116+1 records in
12116+1 records out
49628672 bytes (50 MB) copied, 9.77376 s, 5.1 MB/s
/var/lib/platform-updates/ ...
Flashing to mmcblk0p22
Unsparsing '/boot/persist.img' to '/boot/persist.img.tmp'..
8192+0 records in
8192+0 records out
33554432 bytes (34 MB) copied, 7.7656 s, 4.3 MB/s
/var/lib/platform-updates/ ...
Flashing to mmcblk0p24
2996+1 records in
2996+1 records out
12273664 bytes (12 MB) copied, 2.49373 s, 4.9 MB/s
/var/lib/platform-updates/ ...
Flashing to mmcblk0p6
39+1 records in
39+1 records out
159956 bytes (160 kB) copied, 0.0793965 s, 2.0 MB/s
/var/lib/platform-updates/ ...
Flashing to mmcblk0p2
60+1 records in
60+1 records out
246944 bytes (247 kB) copied, 0.0854327 s, 2.9 MB/s
/var/lib/platform-updates/ ...
Flashing to mmcblk0p19
0+1 records in
0+1 records out
80 bytes (80 B) copied, 0.0476631 s, 1.7 kB/s
/var/lib/platform-updates/ ...
Flashing to mmcblk0p16
675+1 records in
675+1 records out
2765312 bytes (2.8 MB) copied, 0.497176 s, 5.6 MB/s
/var/lib/platform-updates/ ...
Flashing to mmcblk0p8
127+1 records in
127+1 records out
523304 bytes (523 kB) copied, 0.0883897 s, 5.9 MB/s


[NOTE]: please note that since the device will now reboot, after you press
[Enter], this connection will be interrupted and you won't be able to interact
with this screen anymore.
Press [Enter] to reboot the device...Rebooting...

Je ne pense pas avoir pressé [Enter], mais cela a rebooté, pour un accès au paramétrage et didacticiel de prise en main de la version